Fiona Miller Art

A unique and inspirational Creator, specialising in bespoke creativity, in the form of Photography, Acrylic Artwork and Creative Art Workshops.

I’m Fiona Miller

Creativity to calm the soul.

I am a local Sussex artist, passionate about art, creativity and capturing life’s moments through photography. I am fascinated by the non-verbal expression of emotions through creativity and facilitate workshops to enable this.

Living and working in East Sussex I am spoilt for choice when I photograph nature, noticing the sea, our wonderful skies and the South Downs in all it’s glory.

My work is split into 3 main areas:

PHOTOGRAPHY – Limited edition prints for sale, either framed, or unframed. Product Marketing photoshoots to provide a truly refreshing approach to your visual marketing. Photography commissions.

ACRYLICS ARTWORK – Unique, one-off pieces of ‘Acrylic on Canvas’ artwork for sale in various sizes, colours and themes.

CREATIVE ART WORKSHOPS – For groups, businesses or 1 to 1. All workshops are empathetic and based on the person centred approach.






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