Creative Art Workshops

1 to 1 or group based art workshops to bring out the best in you.

My Creative Art Workshops

We all know that living through the World Pandemic has increased the level of mental unrest and dis-order in ourselves and the society we live in. Creativity can help – immeasurably – and often calms the soul in this sometimes manic world.

Creativity can be an effective and fun, non-verbal way of communicating. Even if you are unable to speak – maybe a stroke sufferer or struggles even as simple as you can’t put something into words. You can, through guided creative practice, communicate and start to release emotions that are often bursting to come out. 

Fully Inclusive. Motivational. Creative. Non-Verbal

All my workshops (and my 1-1 work) are empathetic and very much based on the person-centred approach. Tailored to the pace, ability and willingness to express through creativity of the individuals I’m working with, nothing is ever ‘forced’ – that defeats the object.

I work with all ages and abilities and have a wealth of experience working with the elderly, severely disabled (through age or disease) adults and children. There is nothing better than watching groups of people learn about each other and themselves through art and creativity. Communicating without words is very useful these days, especially where we live in a world where communication is developing rapidly through virtual contact and face to face. Breaking down barriers and learning that we are all fundamentally the same is an enlightening and often dramatic revelation which can only help and assist teams and working groups.

I am a Qualified APCCA – Art as a Person-Centred Therapy Practitioner – and NLP practitioner, so I am always incorporating these methods into my workshops. Enabling groups or individuals to notice their own emotions and actions, as well as noticing others really does bring out the best in people.

Please contact me to talk about your requirements – I look forward to hearing from you.

Team Building Events

Team Building can be an amazing way of improving communication and working together and using art as a subject, it is fun, relaxed and truly brings out the best in people. After such a long period of working alone, or in different environments due to the Pandemic, perhaps now is a great time to consider booking a team building event for your business. 



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