I’m Fiona Miller

Creativity to calm the soul.

I am a local Sussex artist, passionate about art, creativity and capturing life’s moments through photography. I am fascinated by the non-verbal expression of emotions through creativity and facilitate workshops to enable this.



I’ve always been a creative person and even when not intentional, I move things and collect items so that they sit well together.  Creating art and enabling photography and workshops is one step further along the creative path.  I can not resist taking photographs of views, people, tiny moments and during the pandemic this increased as we were able to stop and look in our daily lives. 

My style in painting is free-flowing and working with the medium.  I love acrylic paint as this allows me to move, drip and flick the paint where I want it to go and sometimes where it wants to go.  I love seeing the end result of free-painting.  Using my hands and fingers to move the paint around frees up a part of me that is sometimes hidden and enables the creativity to pour out! 

Taking photographs is much more organic for me and I love noticing and capturing micro-scenes that most of us walk by.  In these days of digital photography, I am able to just take as many photos as I like to get the desired final result.  My artists ‘eye’ is very well developed and I will invariably see the unseen.  I love those moments when a micro-environment or hidden gem is capture, without any interference.  I have developed a level-head about my photographs and am invariably ruthless with my editing and deletion!

Living and working in East Sussex I am so spoilt for choice when I photograph nature, noticing the sea, our wonderful skies and the South Downs in all its glory.  But I also enjoy noticing and capturing the ‘ugly’ and somehow making it look beautiful. 

I welcome you to my website and hope you enjoy my work. 


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