Fiona Miller Art

Creativity to ‘Calm the Soul’

I’ve always been a creative person and I instinctively move things and collect items so that they sit well together. 

Hosting workshops, capturing moments through photography and creating unique artwork is my life’s purpose!

My passion for sharing my love of art, comes through in my creative workshops and my holistic approach is invariably joyous.

Taking photographs comes naturally to me – I love noticing and capturing micro-scenes within our environment, that most of us tend to walk by without noticing.

My ‘artists eye’ is very well developed and I will invariably see the unseen.  I love those moments when a picture or hidden gem is captured, without any interference. 

My style of painting is free-flowing and connecting with the medium.  Acrylic paint in particular, allows me to move, drip and flick the paint where I want it to go. Using my hands and fingers to move the paint around frees up a part of me that enables the creativity to pour out! 

I welcome you to my website and hope you enjoy my work. 

I have worked alongside Fiona throughout the creation of her website and felt the need to give her a personal testimonial. She is the kindest soul I have ever come across and has such a calming effect when working with her, her workshops will be an absolute joy! I also happened to have purchased a photograph of one of her beach scenes and her previous desk calendars which I love. 

A great artist and a joy to work with. 

KK - Sussex 2023