Acrylics Artwork

Meaty, Vibrant, Positive!

My work is a unique take on the world, expressed in ‘Acrylic on Canvas’. Sold as One-Off pieces in various sizes, colours and themes

I have a variety of art for sale in my Shop and also take commissions.

Acrylic artwork on canvas - blue wave
Artwork of chakras on canvas

One off pieces in a variety of size, colour & themes

I am a self-taught artist expressing my Eclectic Abstracts through Acrylics on Canvas. I love the ‘meatiness’ and ‘character’ of acrylic paint, the vibrant colours and liquidity achieved makes expressing creativity a joy! 

I started working on the wave theme whilst in lockdown 2020 when I watched virtual extracts from the Hokusai exhibition at the British Museum in London. The wonderful movement, light and form in Hokusai’s work encouraged me to just let the paint flow and see where the movement took me. Living next to the sea I loved the idea of taking his theme and then expanding on it.

I use conventional brushes to start my painting, but will quickly go on to using my fingers, twigs or anything to enable the flow as the artwork forms organically.

I love working with all colours to suit your needs.

Blue and white wave in acrylic paint on square canvas

Creative Workshops

Feeling inspired? If you’d like to try your hand at working with paint and creating your own canvas I can incorporate this within my bespoke workshop packages. Either for one-to-one, small groups or as a larger event for Corporate team building or special occasions. Please take a look at my workshop page for further information.